Companies offering NILM products and services

NILM Companies who use their own custom meters

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Company Headquarters Date Inputs Description
AlertMe Cambridge, UK 2012? CT at 1 Hz British Gas acquired AlertMe in 2015.
Ecoisme Krakow, Poland 2015 CT clamp, V&I, high freq Personalised tips. IoT integration. Detect faulty appliances. Funded on IndieGoGo. Open API coming.
Eliq Gothenburg, Sweden 2010 LifeSmart sensor
Encored; their product is EnerTalk Korea High freq? They release detailed NILM performance metrics
Enetics SPEED Rochester, New York, USA 1996 2 CT clamps or Form 2S socket. High freq V&I Enetics' disag product is called “SPEED”. Enetics have been doing research into NILM since 1993.
e-sylife by HDSN France
Verv London, UK 2010 1 MHz voltage & amps; current Custom built hardware with iOS and Android app providing domestic users with real-time electricity feed, out-of-the-box appliance dissag. for key appliances and condition monitoring. Also developed blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading solution with live trial underway in a London housing estate (accepted onto Ofgem Sandbox). Raised £1.1m crowdfund in 2017 and backed by Centrica (owners of British Gas). Verv is a Green Running brand.
Informetis Japan & Cambridge, UK 2013 3 kHz. Custom hardware OR firmware modification of existing smart meters (proven with Japanese mainstream smart meters) “Near real time” disag. Sony spinoff. Uses techniques developed for AIBO dog. Zoubin Ghahramani is their tech advisor. Tokyo Elec. Power Co. (TEPCo: 27M customers) trialled the system in 300 homes in March 2015; signed partnership in Sept 2016. Use FHMMs. Disag in the cloud.
Ipsum Energy Netherlands 2011? Their “Coded Power” system in the meter box Very few details on their website
LoadIQ Nevada, USA 2011 Their `EI.X' meter measures V, I, PF etc. High freq? Focussed on disag for commercial & industrial customers.
Luko Montreuil, FRANCE 2014 ? Simple installation
Midori Turin, Italy 2011 High freq. Their own hardware called "ned". CT clamp. Battery powered. Spinout from Polytech of Turin. Doesn't ask users to switch appliances on or off but does ask user for help for appliances that ned struggled to disag. Plan to launch product in 2017.
Mirubee Madrid and Barcelona. 2011 1 Hz. Own hardware. Smart question-answer system. Ships worldwide.
Navetas Oxford, UK  ? 8 kHz When I checked in March 2016, their website no longer mentions NILM. In administration?
Neurio Vancouver, Canada 2013 2 CT clamps. Measures V, I, active power & PF at 1 Hz Formerly `Energy Aware'. Kickstarter funded. RESTful API for appliance switch events. Real-time notifications. Detection limited to appliances >400 W. Disag product is $250 USD. Normative comparisons.
Powersavvy Castlebar, Ireland 2009? Their own meter Products for businesses and households.
Sense MA, USA 2015 2 CT clamps. Measures V & I at >1 Hz Appliance health early warning. Consumer-facing.
Smappee Kortrijk, Belgium 2014 CT clamp. Khz. Real-time. Disag system costs $250. Optional “Comfort Plugs” to switch appliances. IoT integration using IFTTT. Disaggregates many appliances (if users interacts).
SMART Impulse Paris, France 2008? Their own meter. V&I. High freq? For commercial buildings.
smartB Berlin, Germany  ? 4 kHz V&I and 50 Hz PQ data SmartB are the energy disaggregation arm of Yetu. Personalised recommendations. Commercial buildings (mostly office buildings). Disag in the cloud
Verdigris California, USA 2012 8 kHz circuit-level metering using CT clamps Monitor large buildings. Real-time fault detection.
verlitics Oregon, USA 2012? Their own meter Products for businesses and households. Formerly `Emme'.
Voltaware London, UK DIY installation into fuse box; CT clamp; has WiFi comms. Also looking into putting their firmware into existing meetings. Requires a few days of "warm up" data for each new house. Requires users to manually tag signatures to appliances. Provides disag for commercial, industrial and domestic. Open API for businesses. GSM. For domestic users, financial model will be £35 deposit + £2 per month
Wattseeker by Qualisteo Nice, France  ? Their own meter with CT clamps. High freq. Use neural nets. Their NILM product is `LYNX'. Claims that each CT clamp can disag up to 12 appliances with an accuracy of +/- 2%. For businesses. Predictive maintenance. Long term monitoring of low voltage network quality and identification of "bad guys" and mitigation.
Watty Stockholm, Sweden  ?  ? Young startup. Few details on website.
You Know Watt? Brussels, Belgium 2013 Requires electrician. V&I at 1.6 kHz “The Virtual Submetering Company”. Personalised tips. Normative comparison.

NILM Companies who are somewhat meter-agnostic

Company Headquarters Date started offering NILM Inputs Description
Bidgely California, USA 2011 Meter-agnostic (medium- & low-freq?). Fastest accepted input is 1 Hz API for sending data to Bidgely.
Chai Energy Los Angeles, USA 2012 utility's Green Button Data Free mobile app. Paid-for "pro" version.
Ecotagious Vancouver, Canada 2010? Hourly smart meter data Residential and utility-facing
EEme Pittsburgh, USA 2012 15 minute smart meter data Ex-CMU students. Suman Giri (who did his PhD with Mario Bergés) was a data scientist here.
Fludia Paris, France before 2013 ? 1 minute data & household survey Retrofit `dumb' meters with `Fludiameter' which gives 1 minute data. Their disaggregation product is Beluso.
Grid4C Austin, Texas, USA 2015? Smart meter data Provides NILM for Centrica's `Direct Energy' brand in US/Canada using data from 15M smart meters.
Home Energy Analytics California, USA 2008 Hourly smart meter data. Short user survey. Have over 3,500 users. Saved an average of 12.8%.
HOMEpulse Aix en Provence, France 2013? Sample period 1-10 seconds? Formerly WattGo. Elec & gas disag in neal real time (minutes). They have a whitepaper.
Intelen New York, USA 2011 Not sure if they use smart meter data? Do they do disag for both commercial buildings and domestic buildings?
Onzo London, UK 2012? Meter-agnostic (medium- & low-freq?) Can also infer household occupancy schedules and appliance diagnostics. Utility-facing.
Opower Virginia, USA 2014 Smart meter data: monthly or faster Enables utilities to deliver disag data to customers e.g. as a pie chart on their bill. Not doing “disag” as such. Instead use building models which do well on average but possibly not so well for individuals.
PlotWatt North Carolina, USA 2008 Sample period 1-100 secs. Also have their own meters. Products for chain restaurants and for utilities. Detects appliance health issues. API for pushing data to PlotWatt.
Powerly Michigan, USA 2014 The “Powerley Energy Bridge (PEB)” - a smart meter (ZigBee SEP) to WiFi bridge Offers utility-branded energy management platform. Demand response. Appliance health monitoring. Real-time. PEB talks ZigBee, Z-Wave, BT & Thread
Qinergy Montpellier, France 2014 Optical reader of existing meter
Silver Spring California, USA 2015 Smart meter data Silver Spring acquired Detectent in Jan 2015 and inherited their NILM technology. Utility-facing.
Watt Is (pronounced: "watt eye-ess") Portugal 2012? Smart meter data. A focus on low frequency data (15 min, 30 min, daily?) Lots of focus on actionable recommendations